torsdag 14 februari 2013

A Tale Told by Trees

We moved, standing there
with the wind in our hair, to the sun

We steamed, making air
for the things in our world that move round

We grew, were stripped bare,
regained skin and our hair in the sun

We toiled to be spared
from the things pecking carelessly round

We fell, we were snared,
we were skinned and our hair was burnt down

It roared, didn't care,
didn't think, unaware of its sounds

They toiled just to tare
up our limbs from their lairs in the ground

We fell – no more there
and the wind takes no air to them now

The wind arrives bare
to those cities of theirs and it whines

Our flesh is their flares,
for a minute and then it is night

The circle is broken for life

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